Chapter E – Health Protection and Disease Preventi

Article I – Health and General Welfare
      Section 1. Authority of the Village
      Section 2. Cooperation with County and State Health Officials

Article II – Abatement of Public Nuisances
      Section 1. The Code Enforcement Official
      Section 2. Unlawful to Hinder Village Official 
      Section 3. Right to Enter 
      Section 4. Nuisances Prohibited, Enumeration 
      Section 5. Nuisance Abatement Procedures
      Section 6. Civil Penalty
      Section 7. Sales of Foods – Eating Establishments
      Section 8. Debris from Clearing of Property and from Construction
      Section 9. Water Wells
      Section 10. Emergency Operations Plan

Article III – Minimum Housing and Nonresidential Structures Ordinance
      Section 1. Purpose
      Section 2. Applicability and Scope
      Section 3. Compliance with the North Carolina State Building Code
      Section 4. Definitions
      Section 5. Responsibilities of the Occupant 
            a. Sanitary maintenance
            b. Pest control
            c. Garbage and rubbish
            d. Heat
            e. Removal of required services, facilities, etc.
            f. Accumulation of materials inside dwelling
      Section 6. Responsibilities of the Owner
            a. Prohibited occupancy
            b. Number of occupants
            c. Sanitary maintenance
            d. Garbage and rubbish
            e. Removal of required services, facilities, etc
            f. Pest control
            g. Heat source required
      Section 7. Powers and Duties of the Code Enforcement Officer
            a. Powers
            b. Duties
      Section 8. Enforcement
            a. Preliminary investigation; notice, hearing
            b. Findings of facts; issuance of order
            c. Failure to comply with order
            d. Costs of lien on premises
      Section 9. Alternative Remedies 
      Section 10. Removal of Occupant
      Section 11. Right to Enter the Premises
      Section 12. Service of Complaints and Orders
      Section 13. Appeals
      Section 14. Unlawful to Hinder Work
      Section 15. Conflict of Laws
      Section 16. Severability

Article IV – Solid Waste Collection
      Section 1. Definitions
      Section 2. Waste Required to be Promptly Removed
      Section 3. Trash Cans
      Section 4. Waste Collection
            Household Waste
            Construction Waste
            Yard Waste
            Hazardous Waste
      Section 5. Deposit of Waste in Public Places and on Private Property
      Section 6. Enforcement

Article V – Water Shortage Conservation Measures
      Section 1. Purpose and Scope
      Section 2. Word Interpretation and Definitions
      Section 3. Stages of Conservation Measures
      Section 4 Conservation Measures
      Section 5. Compliance
      Section 6. Enforcement
      Section 7. Appeals 

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