Chapter D – Traffic

Article I – Words and Phrases Defined
      Section 1. Definition of Words and Phrases

Article II - Required Obedience to Traffic Regulations and Police Officers
      Section 1. Required Obedience To Traffic Officers
      Section 2. Obedience to Police
      Section 3. Authority of Police in Special Cases
      Section 4. Public Employees to Obey Traffic Regulations
      Section 5. Official Traffic Control Devices
      Section 6. Obedience to Traffic Control Devices

Article III – Operation of Vehicles
      Section 1. Stop Before Entering A Through Street
      Section 2. Stop When Traffic Obstructed
      Section 3. Limitation on Backing
      Section 4. Emerging From Alley or Private Driveway
      Section 5. Speed Limit 
      Section 6. Driving on Roadways Laned for Traffic
      Section 7. Driving Over Fire Hose
      Section 8. Regulation of Motor Vehicles on Dams
      Section 9. Entering, Jumping On, or Riding Vehicles Without Permission
      Section 10. Persons Riding Must Stay Inside
      Section 11. Not More Than Three (3) Persons Permitted in Front Seat
Article IV---Peddlers, Solicitors and Miscellaneous
      Section 1. Definitions
      Section 2. Going on Private Property Without Invitation
      Section 3. No Peddling of Food or Merchandise Within Public Right-of-Way and VillageProperty
      Section 4. Garage Sales

Article V – Stopping, Standing and Parking
      Section 1. Unattended Vehicles
      Section 2. Prohibited in Specified Places
      Section 3. Stopping in Streets Generally
      Section 4. Stopping with Left Side of Vehicle to Curb
      Section 5. Standing not to Interfere with Other Vehicles
      Section 6. Method of Parking, Generally
      Section 7. Parking in Prohibited Zones, Generally
      Section 8. Parking in Limited Zone
      Section 9. Parking Restriction on Residential Lots
      Section 10. Parking Near Fire Hydrant, Entrance to Fire Station or Intersection
      Section 11. Parking Near Scene of Fire
      Section 12. Blocking Entrances and Exits in Parking Area
      Section 13. Backing to Curb
      Section 14. Moving Vehicle of Another into Prohibited Parking Area, etc. 
      Section 15. Procedure When Moving Parked Vehicle
      Section 16. Penalties for Parking Violations 
      Section 17. Towing of Abandoned Vehicles 
                  17.1 Definitions
                  17.2 Notice
                  17.3 Exceptions to Prior Notice Requirements
                  17.4 Removal of Vehicles; Post-Towing Requirements
                  17.5 Right to Hearing Before Sale or Final Disposition of Vehicle
                  17.6 Redemption of Vehicle During Proceedings
                  17.7 Sale and Disposition of Unclaimed Vehicle
                  17.8 Protection Against Criminal or Civil Liability
                  17.9 Contract for Private Towing
                  17.10 Unlawful Removal of Impounded Vehicle

ARTICLE VI. Operation of Golf Carts on Public Streets and Roads
      Section 1: Authority to regulate.
      Section 2: Operation on Public Streets and Roads
      Section 3: Streets and Roads approved for use
      Section 4: Enforcement
      Section 5: Liability Disclaimer

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