Chapter A - General Administration

   Article I - Ordinances
         Section 1. Effective Date
         Section 2. Ordinances Confined to One Subject
         Section 3. Official Copy
         Section 4. Ordinances Appropriating Money
         Section 5. Ordinance to Conduct Criminal Investigation of Applicants for Employment by the Village
         Section 6. Ordinance to Conduct Criminal Investigation of Whispering Pines Fire Rescue Personnel
    Article II - Officers, Employees and Volunteer Appointees 
        Section 1. Office of Mayor
        Section 2. Office of the Village Manager
        Section 3. Office of Clerk
        Section 4. Other Village Employees
        Section 5. Organization of Village Departments
        Section 6. Volunteer Appointees
        Section 7. Oath of Office
        Section 8. Emergency Provisions: State of Emergency; Curfew Authorized; Mayor’s Power; and Restrictions  During Emergency
        Appendix A:  Code Of Ethics For The Village Of Whispering Pines Village Council

    Article III - Finance and Purchasing
        Section 1. Disbursement of Funds
        Section 2. Purchasing
        Section 3. Sale of Personal Property
        Section 4. Permits and Fees Schedule

    Article IV - Boards, Committees and Commissions
        Section 1. Applicability of Article IV
        Section 2. Formation of Committees
        Section 3. Appointment of Committee Officers
        Section 4. Committee Members
        Section 5. Terms of Members
        Section 6. Quorum and Conduct of Committee meetings
        Section 7. Specific Committees

Appendix A - Code of Ethics for the Village Of Whispering Pines
Section 1. Purpose Section 2. General Principles Underlying the Code of Ethics Section 3. Obey the Law Section 4. Act with Civility Section 5. Maintain Integrity and Independence Section 6. Avoid Impropriety Section 7. Faithfully Perform the Duties of Office Section 8. Conduct the Business of Government in an Open and Public Manner

Appendix B - Permit and Fee Schedule

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