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At the November 16th regular meeting of the Whispering Pines Village Council, the Council adopted the following Proclamation regarding Digital Inclusion ... All residents are encouraged to read the Proclamation and participate in the survey.
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      Little Bit of Everything!

      The Village Animal Ordinance has specific information about nuisance animals, responsibilities of owners /custodians and penalties for non-compliance with provisions of the Ordinance.  All dogs must be leashed when they are off their owner’s property. The Village has an Ordinance controlling excessive barking as well as dog defecation off its owner’s property. In order to minimize night time disturbances by noisy dogs, owners or custodians of such dogs shall keep them indoors between the hours of 10:00 pm and 7:00 am unless such dogs are being walked. Any dog which barks, howls, cries, bays or makes any other noise continuously for a period of 10 minutes or more, or intermittently for one half (1/2) hour or more, is presumed to be acting in such a manner as to create a public nuisance. Call the Police
      Department non-emergency number (910-949-9961) for any noise complaints.  A dog owner must immediately clean up the dog’s
      dropping and dispose of them in the proper manner when not on their own property.


      Are your boat permits current?  The new permits are RED and valid until December 31, 2023. 
      If your permit/sticker is not current, please come to Village Hall to purchase current stickers.
      Village Hall:  Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm
      10 Pine Ridge Drive
      Bring your current boat registration information with you.
      Permits are $15 for the first boat and $5 for each additional boat.

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