Planning and Zoning Board

Code of Ordinances:
Chapter A-General Administration, Article IV – Boards, Committees and Commissions

Section 7.1.2. Membership The Board shall consist of (1) four (4) members appointed by the Council and residing in the Village, and (2) one (1) member appointed by the Moore County Board of Commissioners upon the recommendation of the Village Council, who shall reside in the extraterritorial jurisdiction.

Powers and Duties

Section 7.1.4. Powers and Duties. The Planning Board shall: Upon Request of Village Council, the Village Manager or upon its own initiative, make studies and recommend to the Village Council plans, goals and objectives relating to the growth, development and redevelopment of the Village and the extraterritorial jurisdiction area. 
Upon Request of Village Council, the Village Manager or upon its own initiative, develop and recommend to the Council policies, zoning and land use ordinances, administrative procedures and other means for carrying out plans in a coordinated and efficient manner. 
Make recommendations to the Council concerning land uses, conditional use permit applications and zoning map changes.
Perform other duties as assigned by Village Council.

Conflicts of Interest

Section 7.1.5. Conflicts of Interest. Members of the Planning Board shall not vote on recommendations regarding any zoning map or text amendment where the outcome of the matter being considered is reasonably likely to have a direct, substantial, and readily identifiable financial impact on the member.


The Planning and Zoning Board meets at 4:30 PM on the last Wednesday of every month at the Village Hall. The meetings are open to the public.

The objective of the Planning and Zoning Board is to maintain and perpetuate the traditional way of life in Whispering Pines as a desirable residential, retirement and recreational community. To meet this objective, the board conducts studies, develops plans and makes recommendations to the Village Council that will ensure well managed growth, development and redevelopment within the Village and its Extra Territorial Jurisdiction area. The Whispering Pines Village Administration encourages you to participate in our Village government.

   Clare Fullerton, Chairwoman          Term expires June 2020  
   George Venet            Term expires January 2020           
   Mike Boyle     Term expires September 2021            
   David 'Shane' Stauffer    Term expires June 2021     
 Extraterritorial Members
   Chris Bishop   Term expires January 2021    
  Village Alternate Deborah Castle    Term expires September 2021                                                                 
  Vacant - ETJ Alternate Member              

 To apply for the volunteer committee positions:

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Linda Christopher 
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