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Register my boat.
Boat permits are issued to residents and property owners within the corporate limits of the Village of Whispering Pines. Permits are available at Village Hall at a cost of $30 for the first boat and $5 for each additional boat. Permits are issued in 3 year cycles.
      Boat Permit Application

Put up a fence.
Regulations for All Zoning Districts:
(1) All fences require a permit issued by the Village
(2) No fence shall be located within an easement, the public right of way or obstruct a clear view of a public road or pedestrian walkway from another public road or from a driveway or pedestrian walkway.
(3) A fence deemed to be a traffic or safety hazard or in disrepair shall be modified by its owner to correct this condition within sixty (60) days of written receipt of notification of the hazard from the Administrator.
(4) Fences shall be constructed with the finished side facing the adjacent property or street.
(5) Fences on property not abutting a lake or pond may be constructed along rear property lines and side property lines up to and connecting to the front corner of the home.
(6) Fences on property abutting a lake or pond may be installed parallel to the rear property line for the entire width of the property but shall not be closer to the lake or pond than thirty (30) feet from the shoreline.
(7) There shall be no restrictions on the placement of fences in the RS/H district, provided that the property is more than 4 acres.
(8) Fences for telecommunications facilities in the RA District shall be as permitted by the site plan approval.
(9) Fences shall not exceed a height of forty-eight (48) inches above existing grade. Ground elevation shall not be modified / elevated so as to subsequently construct a fence on an elevated berm.
Fence Permit Application

Walk my dog off leash in the Village or let my cat roam free all over the neighborhood.
All dogs must be leashed when they are off their owner’s property.  
The Whispering Pines Code of Ordinances, declares animals allowed to run at large as a public nuisance; this includes cats

Park my recreation vehicle in my yard.
Property owners or residents may park recreation vehicles on their own property in order to pack, unpack, clean, or otherwise prepare the vehicle or trailer for use for a period of up to two (2) days by obtaining a permit from the Village Police Department. A maximum of two (2) permits may be obtained in a thirty (30) day period. 

Guests of residents may park a recreational vehicle on the host’s property for a period of up to seven (7) days by obtaining a permit from Robin at the Village Hall at 910-949-3141 x 120. A maximum of two (2) permits per RV license plate number may be obtained over a consecutive 90-day period at any one location. Under no circumstances can a parked vehicle be used for living quarters. 

Start trash service
To start garbage collection, please call the Village Hall at 910-949-3141.
If there is a problem with your household waste, yard waste or recycling pick up, please call Village Hall at 910-949-3141 not Public Works

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