Lock Your Vehicles
Posted on Friday September 04, 2020

There has been a recent outbreak of vehicle break ins occurring in Moore County.  So far, the only towns not affected are Whispering Pines, Carthage, and Aberdeen.  Area police agencies are increasing their patrols which could possibly push suspects into other areas.  All of the vehicles that have been broken into in Moore County have been unlocked vehicles.  It has been reported that a suspect vehicle drops off multiple suspects in an area and they canvas the area looking for unlocked vehicles to steal items of value.

 Locking your vehicles is an easy way to keep yourself from becoming a victim of this type of crime.  Even more importantly, do not leave weapons or anything of value in an unlocked vehicle.  The installation of cameras positioned to see your parked vehicles could assist law enforcement in solving these types of cases.  And of course, our department will be increasing our patrols of Village streets as well.

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