Boat Storage in Village Lake Access Areas / Parks No Longer Allowed
Posted on Friday October 25, 2019
Boat Storage in Village Lake Access Areas / Parks No Longer Allowed
Upon a recommendation from Village Staff and the Lakes and Watershed Board (LWB), the Village Council took action, at their September 11th regular meeting, to approve an amendment to Chapter I of Whispering Pines Code of Ordinances to no longer allow the storage of hand launched boats in Village owned lake access areas.
Improperly stored boats have been an ongoing issue for Village staff for quite some time. Despite many efforts to educate and / or remind residents of the ordinances in place regarding the boat storage, many residents choose to ignore the ordinances. Over the coming months, Village Staff will discuss options to possibly re-instate boat storage. If a proposal is developed, it will be reviewed by the LWB for recommendation to the Village Council.
Although the boat removal may create an inconvenience for some residents, it will be a benefit to the Village overall by creating more usable space. By no longer allowing the boat storage, it not only removes the unsightly clutter from the lakes but also removes the health concerns from the improperly stored boats being a breeding ground for mosquitoes.
Based on Council’s recent action, all residents who currently have boats stored in Village lake access areas / parks, must remove the boats by November 1st. This applies to all types of boats and all lakes.
Please contact Linda at Village Hall, 949-3141 x10 or [email protected], if you have any questions.
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