Open Space Utilization Committee
Posted on Tuesday October 15, 2019
The Village is seeking volunteers to serve on the Open Space Utilization Committee

At the October 9th Council meeting, the Village Council approved a Resolution (provided below) to establish an ad hoc Open Space Utilization Committee. The Village is seeking volunteers to serve on this committee. If interested in serving on this committee, please complete a volunteer application (available at Village Hall or and submit it to the Village Clerk. Volunteer applications will be accepted through November 15th.


            WHEREAS, the Village of Whispering Pines is a thriving community recognized for its high-quality recreational opportunities, environmental resources and natural beauty; and

            WHEREAS, it has been an ongoing goal of the Village to expand the amount of land for recreation / open space areas available to all residents of Whispering Pines; and

            WHEREAS, the Village Council desires to enrich the quality of life for the residents and preserve the natural heritage of the Village by providing parks, trails, open space, natural areas and recreational opportunities; and

            WHEREAS, open space provides residents with recreational opportunities, places to maintain healthy life styles and plays an important role in the social life of the community providing places for the residents to come together for events; and

            WHEREAS, the Village of Whispering Pines recently purchased a 19.4-acre parcel for recreational / open space purposes.

            THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Whispering Pines Village Council does hereby establish an ad hoc committee to be known as the Whispering Pines Open Space Utilization Committee.

            BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Open Space Utilization Committee shall:

  • Be made up of seven (7) Village residents, appointed by the Village Council, and with the Village Clerk / Zoning Administrator and Public Works Director serving as ex-officio members;
  • Determine the best method to solicit resident input on future improvements, including but not limited to the naming, landscaping, structures, recreational opportunities, etc., to be considered for the 19.4-acre parcel located at 10 Hardee Lane
  • Solicit and compile resident input
  • Prepare and present recommendation to the Village Council
  • Following completion of the items listed above, the Committee will review the WP Recreation and Open Space Master Plan and provide revision recommendations

Resolved this 9th day of October, 2019.

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