Pine Lake Fish Kill Updated 5/17/18
Posted on Thursday May 17, 2018
We are aware of the dead fish in Pine Lake.  Due to the lack of rain and hot temperatures the most likely cause is lack of oxygen.  Our Public Works Director is looking into the situation.

Update, 5/17/18:  To confirm his suspicion that the cause of the dead fish was a lack of oxygen caused by the significant change in temperatures that we have experienced over the last several weeks (the last week of April we had frost and this week we peaked around 95 degrees) our Director of Public Works contacted Dr. James Rice, Professor Applied Ecology, NC State University.  Dr. Rice concurred with lack of oxygen being the cause of the dead fish and indicated that he had received a couple other similar reports around the region.


There is no danger or hazard to humans, so swimming in the lake is not impacted. 

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