Goose Population
Posted on Tuesday March 13, 2018

We would like to remind Village residents that Whispering Pines is trying to control the goose population in the Village limits.  We are asking for your help to identify Canada Geese nests in the area between now and the end of April.  Canada Geese are not native to the Sandhills and our local adult population in Whispering Pines alone is about hundred strong. These big birds are here to stay-- but we hope that by minimizing their reproductive success we can gradually reduce the number of geese to a sustainable level.


Goose control is carried out under a Federal permit. We do not destroy nests but manage them to ensure the eggs do not hatch.  The eggs are treated and the nests are mapped and monitored during the length of the season by Susan Campbell.  It is somewhat labor intensive but the best option we have to accomplish our goal.


Should you come across a nest on your property or on the golf course or other public areas or have any questions about the process please contact Susan directly 910-692-0651 or 910-585-0574.

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