Whispering Pines is a residential community of 3351 in the Sandhills of North Carolina, an area well-known for its mild climate and desirable lifestyle.


North Carolina's First Incorporated Village

Planning & Zoning Board

The objective of the Planning and Zoning Board is to maintain and perpetuate the traditional way of life in Whispering Pines as a desirable residential, retirement and recreational community.  To meet this objective, the board conducts studies, develops plans and makes recommendations to the Village Council that will ensure well managed growth, development and redevelopment within the Village and its Extra Territorial Jurisdiction area. The Whispering Pines Village Administration encourages you to participate in our Village government.

The Planning and Zoning Board meets at 4:00 PM on the last Wednesday

of every month at the Village Hall. The meetings are open to the public.

Regular Members & Their Terms


Susan Leary, Chairperson Apr. 2016 - Apr. 2018                              susanleary895@gmail.com


George Venet, Member Jan. 2017 – Jan. 2020                                            gvenet@aol.com



Mike Boyle, Member Aug. 2015 - Aug. 2018                                                 mboyle3of8@gmail.com


Gates Harris, Member May 2016 - May 2019                                         jgatesharris@earthlink.net


Extraterritorial Members & Their Terms




Alternates & Their Terms


Clare Griffith, Member May 2016 - May 2019                                   Clare.F.Griffith@gmail.com


Whispering Pines Village Hall  |  10 Pine Ridge Drive  |  Whispering Pines 28327

North Carolina's First Incorporated Village

North Carolina's First Incorporated Village