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Whispering Pines Lake Resident:

The Village has set the following tentative schedule for the second spraying of Village lakes in an effort to control aquatic weedsSpraying will start on Monday, June 26th and it is hoped that all Village lakes and ponds will be sprayed by Friday, June 30th; weather permitting.  Spraying cannot be done during windy and/or rainy conditions, and if this occurs, it could push the spraying schedule into the week of Monday, July 3rd.   

For this spraying cycle, irrigation restrictions are from June 26th to July 5th for the following lakes and ponds: Thagard Lake, Spring Valley Lake, Pine Lake, Shadow Lake, Whisper Lake, Blue Lake, Fly Rod Lake, Cardinal Lake and Cardinal Ponds (middle & lower).  It is important to remember that ALL IRRIGATION DRAWN FROM A SPRAYED LAKE OR POND MUST STOP FOR A FIVE DAY PERIOD FOLLOWING THE SPRAYING.  While the chemicals used are safe for swimming, fishing, boating or other activities, irrigation with sprayed lake water is very harmful or fatal to lawns and shrubs and vegetable gardens.

At this time, plan on turning off your irrigation system from Monday, June 26th through Wednesday, July 5th for all lakes and ponds.  The lakes will be treated during this time period and irrigation systems must not be used for five days after treatment.  If you are concerned about the exact day of treatment and when you can begin irrigating from your lake or pond, please visit the Village website or Charter Channel 190 during the week of June 26th for the day of treatment. The list of lakes sprayed will be updated daily on Charter Channel 190 and the Village website (  You can also call Village Hall at 910-949-3141 x 11 for an updated list every day. 

The NCSU has recommended that weed control chemicals be applied every four to six weeks for maximum effectiveness, so a third spraying will be in August.  Future spraying dates can be found, as soon as they are determined, on the Village website, Charter Cable Channel 190 or by calling Village Hall, 949-3141 x 11.





Thagard Lake



Spring Valley Lake



 Pine Lake

Shadow Lake



Whisper Lake



Blue Lake



Cardinal Middle Pond



Fly Rod Lake



Cardinal Lake



Cardinal Lower Pond





The Village of Whispering Pines owns and maintains eight lakes within the corporate limits. Use of the Village lakes is reserved for residents, property owners and their guests. For additional information regarding the lakes please see Chapter I of the Whispering Pines Code of Ordinances

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Locations & Facilities

Thagard Lake

12 South Lakeshore Dr - picnic area, swimming area, boat storage racks, car access boat ramp, playground. 57 Lakeview Dr - swimming area, boat storage racks.

Spring Valley Lake

68 Pine Ridge Drive- picnic area, swimming area, boat storage racks, car accessible boat ramp. 204 Pine Ridge Drive - swimming area, boat storage racks.

Pine Lake

Car accessible boat ramp on Niagara Carthage Road

Fly Rod Lake

Car accessible boat ramp on Sunset Drive

Shadow Lake

 Car accessible boat ramp access after 57 Shadow Drive. Boat storage racks.

Whisper Lake

Car accessible boat ramp next to  1 Dewberry Drive. Boat storage racks.

Cardinal Lake and Ponds

Car accessible boat ramp next to  1 Dewberry Drive. Boat storage racks.

Blue Lake

Car accessible boat ramp next to  1 Dewberry Drive. Boat storage racks.

Thagard Park Playground

Blue Lake Playground

Whisper Grove Park

Princess Gate Park

Lake Access and Park Areas

Only Whispering Pines residents, village employees, taxpayers, and their guests may use the lakes, access and park areas.   Owners or authorized users of Time Share Units at the CCWP Villas may use the lakes for recreational purposes during the time of Time Share occupancy only. 

Guests of residents or property owners may use the lake recreational facilities only when accompanied by the host, or when in possession of a guest pass that has been issued by the Village Administration or the Whispering Pines Police Department.

Residents and property owners may reserve the pavilions located at Thagard Park and  Spring Valley Park #68, for non-profit purposes, at no cost by contacting Village Hall, 949-3141, to reserve the time and date.  Resident or non-resident for profit individuals or groups may rent the pavilions by contacting Village Hall, 949-3141.

The park areas and other access areas are closed to all persons and to the parking of vehicles or trailers of any type during the period from 9:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.

Current boat stickers are required for all boats, including boats stored at lakefront access areas.  Non-lake front residents or property owners may store non-trailered, hand launch watercraft in the access areas, at the risk of the owner, provided the following conditions are met:
(1)  A boat rack has been installed by the Village and there is space available on such rack.  Spring Valley Lake access areas (68 and 204 Pine Ridge Drive) are limited to canoe and kayak storage only
(2)  The watercraft has been properly permitted with a Whispering Pines Boat Permit
(3)  Watercraft storage in access areas is limited to two (2) watercraft per household
(4)  All watercraft must be stored upside down or in a manner not to collect standing water

Operation of Boats

North Carolina registration is required for any boat propelled by any type of motor.  All North Carolina boating laws and safety rules and regulations apply. North Carolina Wildlife and the Whispering Pines Police Department patrol the lakes to enforce water safety regulations.Electric motors are allowed on all the lakes.  Internal combustion engines are only allowed on Thagard Lake. Boats being operated on the lakes between the hours of one hour after sunset to one hour before sunrise must display proper running lights.

All boats stored at lakefront access areas must have current stickers, or the boats will be secured by Village Code Enforcement.  Please place boats upside down so they do not catch water, which creates mosquito breeding areas.

Fishing Licenses are required

North Carolina fishing licenses are required for fishing in any of our lakes, and all fishermen must comply with North Carolina fishing laws.  Fishing from bridges is prohibited.  Fishing from the dams is prohibited where posted.  Fishing from a boat with a permit is authorized during daylight hours only. Large mouth bass, pickerel, and crappie are the main species of game fish found in the lakes.

Fish Habitat

The Lakes and Watershed Board Fish Habitat Program volunteer committee has placed Christmas tree brush piles in the lakes and under some docks for fish habitat.  Submerged brush piles are anchored in a few locations where the water is at least ten feet deep and where there is clearance of at least five feet of water above the brush pile.  Be on the lookout for these structures.   Dock owners who wish to have the Lakes and Watershed Board Fish Habitat Program volunteer committee place a Christmas tree underneath their docks, please go to Village Hall and sign a request.


Swimming is permitted at the swimmer's own risk. Children under the age of 12 are prohibited from swimming, boating or playing in the lakes unless accompanied by an adult responsible for the safety of the child. Appropriate swimming attire must be worn.

Lake Ecology

No person shall place trash, refuse or material of any kind into any lake, pond, river or stream. No person shall clean docks, piers, boathouses or boats with detergents or chemicals where runoff goes into any lake, pond, river or stream.

2015 Annual Lake Testing Results
2015 Lake Study

Aquatic Weeds

In early 2011, the invasive aquatic weed Hydrilla was spotted in Thagard’s Lake. During October 2011, the Village worked with scientists from North Carolina State University to conduct an invasive weed survey, in order to determine the extent of invasive weeds and to establish a plan of action for controlling these weeds.

Scientists from NCSU used sonar to map submerged aquatic vegetation, and rake sampling to identify weeds, in the following Whispering Pines water bodies: Thagards, Spring Valley, Whisper, Shadow, Fly Rod, Blue, and Pine Lakes and Hummingbird Pond. Click here to see detailed results of the survey: NCSU Whispering Pines 7 Lakes Survey

The results of the study were positive, Hydrilla was found only in Thagards Lake. With the information from this survey, the Village will be able to develop an aquatic weed control plan for all of our lakes. In the meantime, in order to prevent the spread of Hydrilla, boats and trailers used in Thagards lake must be washed down thoroughly, with all vegetation and mud removed.

On February 22nd representatives from NCSU presented the following powerpoint presentation to Bob Kissinger, Public Works Director, and members of Council and the Lakes and Watershed Board regarding options to control the hydrilla in Thagard Lake. WP Lake Survey Powerpoint

Watershed Management

A watershed is the area of land that drains into a body of water, such as a river, lake, stream, or bay. Each lake within Whispering Pines has its own watershed, but the Village as a whole is located within the Little River watershed, which is part of the Cape Fear River Basin. Contamination of our watershed can result from everyday activities such as fertilizing the lawn, walking pets, changing motor oil, or littering. With each rainfall, contaminants from these activities can be washed from the entire watershed into local waterways.

Lake Management Plans

Thagard Lake 209 Acres
Whisper Lake 41 Acres
Cardinal Lake 6 Acres
Spring Valley Lake 89 Acres
Shadow Lake 28 Acres
Blue Lake 9 Acres
Pine Lake 48 Acres
Fly Rod Lake 8 Acres