Whispering Pines is a residential community of 3351 in the Sandhills of North Carolina, an area well-known for its mild climate and desirable lifestyle.


North Carolina's First Incorporated Village


 Sandhill Regional Library System : Bookmobile


Route 4 
Thursday: Whispering Pines 
Jan. 4, 18;
Feb. 1, 15;
March 1, 15, 29;
April 12, 26; ay 10, 24


1:15 - 2:45        Whispering Pines Country Club



1:15 - 2:45        Whispering Pines Country Club


The bookmobile follows an established schedule Monday through Thursday. The Bookmobile does not run on Fridays. Stops are scheduled at various sites, including daycare centers, nursing homes, schools, retirement communities, and neighborhoods. Each stop is visited every two weeks. The bookmobile schedule is available here and at each library in the Moore County Library System.


Bookmobile Information :

Selection: We have a wide selection of books; including best-sellers, large print, and children's. We also have books-on-CD, select periodicals, and educational DVD's.


Special Requests: Patrons can reserve or request books from the main library (910-947-5335) or online at www.srls.info


Renewals: Patrons may call the library (910-947-5335) or go online to renew books. Please note that some titles

and materials may not be renewed.


Routes/Schedule: The bookmobile operates a semi-weekly schedule. The schedule is subject to change due to variations in the schedule of the Moore County Schools and fluctuations in patronage.


Cancellations: Stops may be cancelled due to holidays, mechanical difficulties, or inclement weather.



The Bookmobile will be closed December 25 - 29, 2017 for maintenance and holiday.



Whispering Pines Village Hall  |  10 Pine Ridge Drive  |  Whispering Pines 28327

North Carolina's First Incorporated Village

North Carolina's First Incorporated Village